CareMetix®—for all-round well-being

Turns your car into your sanctuary.

When you’re on the road, you need clean air to focus and drive safely—and to feel good. But the air we breathe is often polluted with harmful, allergenic substances and odors that conventional filters can’t eliminate.

The solution: CareMetix®, a world first, with S5 broadband technology—5 layers provide 5-fold protection.

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Odor protection you can really experience

You breathe in, but smell nothing. CareMetix® eliminates odors.

Traffic jams, tunnels, large construction sites, water treatment plants, and freshly fertilized fields—all these are sources of unpleasant, pungent or acrid ammonia and sulfur gases, which you’ve been exposed to in your car, unprotected: until now. The new CareMetix® cabin filter provides protection through S5 broadband technology—and removes precisely these unpleasant odors.

And it works: not just in the laboratory, but also on the road—tried and tested in everyday conditions!

Protection against pollen

Take a deep breath at last. CareMetix® protects against pollen and other allergens.

Airborne pollen in the spring and summer is a source of discomfort for more and more people—causing headaches, watery eyes, runny noses, and irritated skin. Protect yourself and your family whenever you’re in your car: with CareMetix®. The innovative cabin filter with S5 broadband technology provides 5-fold protection—even against allergens that conventional filters can’t block out.

Protection against soot and fine particulates

Your personal low-emission zone begins here. CareMetix® eliminates fine particulates, brake dust, ozone, and exhaust gases.

Due to exhaust gases coming from the vehicle in front, the air at the center of the roadway is up to six times more polluted than at the side of the road. With the innovative CareMetix® cabin filter, the vehicle cabin remains almost entirely free of fine particulates, tire debris, brake dust, and exhaust gases. The S5 broadband technology even protects against microparticles and diesel soot—and shields the sensitive components in the air conditioning system from premature wear.

Your personal low-emission zone.

Is CareMetix® available for my vehicle?

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Protection against mould

The invisible danger. CareMetix® protects against mould.

Mildew and mold spores are everywhere—including in the air we breathe. They spread rapidly, particularly in wet and warm weather. That’s why you need a cabin filter that not only protects you against mildew and mold spores in the outside air, but also prevents mold forming on the filter itself. CareMetix® with S5 broadband technology is fully effective against mold—and therefore makes an essential contribution to the well-being of all vehicle occupants.

Protection against bacteria

Effective against harmful microorganisms. CareMetix® protects against bacteria.

Some bacteria can make us ill. With its highly effective S5 broadband technology, CareMetix® removes harmful microorganisms and prevents them from spreading throughout the filter medium thanks to its antibacterial coating. The innovative filter thus protects the health of all vehicle occupants—in every season.

Time for a change

Time for CareMetix®. For your health and well-being.

To ensure that you and your loved ones breathe in only what is good for you, ask for CareMetix®. As part of your annual filter replacement or at least after every 15,000 kilometers—for noticeably improved well-being in your vehicle.

When a vehicle is in operation, more than 100,000 liters of air are swept into the cabin every hour. The only barrier against pollution is the filter in the ventilation system.

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